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How to get thousands of YouTube Channel: subscribers and many video views?

YouTube Marketing
YouTube Marketing

Contents Introduction : 

Channel description: Within the “about” tab of your profile, provide a keyword-rich overview of what people can expect once they subscribe to your channel. Include links to your web site and social accounts here, too.

Put the most important keywords upfront. If you’re numbering episodes or a part of a series, save that for the top . YouTube allows for 70 characters, but we recommend 60 or less. This way your title is a smaller amount likely to be stop in suggested videos, search, and mobile results. Excessive punctuation, all-caps, and vulgar or sensational language may be a no-no.

Check YouTube Analytics to ascertain top locations and therefore the top subtitle languages people prefer to watch your videos. From there, translate your title, description, and transcript so you’ll provide subtitles. You can either do that yourself or crowdsource translations from your community—but again, this feature isn’t foolproof.

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YouTube Marketing Strategies  

How to get thousands of YouTube Channel subscribers and many video views .what we’re getting to specialise in today is YouTube, building a YouTube Channel and using that as a positioning tool.

career, as you said. I began in ’96 which was actually developing websites for businesses, then moved into corporate. And it is sort of come full circle in that respect, that I’ve got two main businesses.

One is the YouTube consulting and that side of things. But also also is building high-end membership sites, so I’m going back to assembling sites for businesses again. And it’d appear to be they’re quite weird things to be doing together, but they’re actually not because I work with YouTube to drive traffic to a web site, which then has a membership on the back end. 

So, for people that are experts in their field creating an information product may be a very valuable thing to possess . that you can give to your members, to your readers of your book or something like that.

But that’s where I’m at right now. OK, so we’ll enter that in a very little more detail in a very moment,
but one question I always like to ask people is.

Can you tell me a story of a struggle or a failure that you’ve had to beat in your business because i believe we regularly learn a great deal more from our mistakes than we do from our successes, and perhaps pull out one or two lessons you’ve learned from that.

Well, it is probably the story on how I came into using YouTube in the first place, which was the beginning of last year . 2013. The membership site business and other marketing services I offer were going quite well, but I saw that the clients I had were beginning to end their contracts.

 So, i was kind of wondering how the heck i used to be going to get some new clients . it was getting a little bit stressful as there were no new leads coming in. I was focused on working with the clients rather than my own marketing which.

So, I went back over what I did successfully before that i used to be getting clients with. And I noticed that I did a few videos, put them up on my YouTube Channel and they were getting one or two leads a week for me.
So, I was going  Hmmm these . not great videos by any stretch of the imagination . but they were still bringing in people contacting me searching for services, and for me to try and do work for them.

OK, so let’s get into the publishing side of YouTube. Obviously YouTube may be a great way of getting your message bent tons of people.
You build up a subscriber base, so those subscribers get notified when you upload new videos and so on.

 So, talk to us a little bit about what do you do to build that platform. You’ve told us you get one video out per week, but in terms of best practices.

what’s the best thanks to approach building a YouTube Channel.

the best way to approach your YouTube Channel is that the same was as almost any online business which comes right down to keyword research.

Knowing what your audience or potential audience is looking for ahead of time is key to being successful . especially on YouTube. You need to understand what search terms people are using, so that will dictate what the video content are going to be .

Do You Use The Google Keyword Tool For That. 

Yes, the Google keyword planner. a simple thing. it works. It’s quite accurate, it is not completely accurate. There is no tool that is 100% accurate. But, it’ll offer you an idea as to what keywords people are searching for.

What is Google keyword, how to works Google keyword?

google keyword planner
google keyword planner

 How many searches per month are being made on that particular keyword, and then that gives you your content to start planning your YouTube Channel and videos.  OK, if you’re listening and you’ve never used the Google keyword planner, it is a free tool Google give you. Just Google it, it will be the primary thing that comes up.

Yes, it will be the first thing, straight at the top funnily enough. And it will tell you search volume. You can do search volume by country and keyword phrases and then on.

And, does one have the other keyword tools or is it just Google. There are a number out there, but I tend to simply keep it simple and persist with the Google keyword planner.

Simple is usually the best. 

Yeah, you know you can buy tools. I’ve got every tool under the sun, but I find yourself just going back to the keyword tool anytime. so what about things like descriptions and titles and then on. Presumably you build keywords into your descriptions

This goes back to your basic SEO principles.

search engine Optimization.

where you have got to possess your keywords in your title.

you’ve got to possess your keywords in your description. and your keywords in your tags. 

But one thing about YouTube is that you just need to have your keywords on the video itself, which a great deal of individuals or two of years ago the style for a great deal of online marketers was to make a fast video in Animoto then upload it just putting the keywords within the title and also the description and the tags, but they didn’t even have any words on the videos. And, at the time when that was happening I came out and said this isn’t getting to work.

I said there’s getting to be what I called at the time an Animoto-slap and it did happen.

The spammy marketers knew it had been getting to happen, but when it did they only didn’t say anything. It wasn’t sort of a penguin or a panda update when everyone went ballistic when their ratings dropped. they only went meh and moved on to their next thing.

So building your keywords into your content is significant . And when you’re saying into your content you’re speaking these keywords and Google is picking those up, it’s actually listening and doing the voice recognition .

And albeit you don’t put the closed captions, i.e. the subtitles on your videos, Google will . or actually YouTube will actually transcribe your video anyway to ascertain what words are being spoken. It’s not 100% accurate, but albeit its 90-95%, which it’s , it still gets the gist of what your content is about.

That’s a very important point, because tons of individuals won’t realize that. Yeah, there are tons of individuals who will put up a slideshow with music and therefore the words on the screen. But they’re not getting the complete effect of what YouTube can do for them. And again, going back to basic SEO principles where you’ve got . your keywords within the first few seconds of your content, or the primary few words of your sentence.

if your video is on the way to publish a subtitles then the primary few words thereon video should be.

In this video we’re getting to show you ways to publish a subtitles.

Yeah, get straight to the purpose , tell people what they’re getting to be getting. And tell Google also .

As you mentioned Google owns YouTube, so it’s getting to show YouTube leads to the program results and obtain people on to yet one more Google property, which during this case is YouTube. So, help Google assist you , because it were.

Google wants you to remain on Google properties. YouTube wants you to remain on YouTube all day . that, realistically, is what their goal is. and therefore the beauty about YouTube is that you simply can rank your YouTube video on Google but you can’t rank anything on Google on YouTube . it’s to be a video on YouTube, albeit they’re both Google properties.

The links nicely into what i used to be getting to mention next, which is that so as to urge people engaged you’ve need to create quality content . stuff that’s interesting to people.

So, how does one set about deciding what videos to make for people.

Do you survey people.

Do you just Google what’s approaching .

I just accompany my keywords.

So, if my keyword that gets, say, thirty thousand searches a month is and provides them say, five steps or three steps. Numbers are an excellent tool to use. So, if you’ve got Five steps to publish a video easily that’s an incredible title to possess .

Because it gives a promise, which is that the main thing you would like your title on your video to try to to . provides a promise. then your content delivers thereon promise. And once you do those two things successfully, that’s once you get people loving your content, watching more videos and subscribing to your channel then getting to your website.
Great stuff, great.OK, so you’ve got many videos and anyone can do that for his or her business whatever their area of experience is. And sometimes people will know what questions they get asked tons .

how to become the YouTuber and determine: what you needed to understand to become that YouTuber?

That’s an honest point isn’t it, because we frequently forget where we came from . we suffer from the curse of the expert, which is that we make assumptions on what people already know supported what we all know and sometimes, a number of the foremost popular videos are those that are covering basic items which you would possibly assume that folks would already know, so that’s an honest point.

Yes, you’ll never assume what people don’t know, or do know. So a number of the essential things do get you your most leads on YouTube and obtain you tons of views.There are things like

How to found out a YouTube Channel?

How to find out a YouTube Channel?
How to find out a YouTube Channel?

I put that video off for over a year because i assumed it’s simple . But I actually had one among my subscribers inquire from me to form the video for her subscribers, or her friends, rather. Because she had variety of friends who were asking Well,

how does one found out this YouTube thing?

Can you just bring me a video?

so I did and that’s got over twenty thousand views now, so Just think what percentage you’d have had if you’d have done it right from the get go . Yeah, it might be like fifty or sixty thousand if I’d actually done it from the start , so . And that’s an honest point, so fixing a YouTube Channel is pretty straightforward, but people don’t necessarily realize until they are doing it. What about

again, another thing i feel people get hung up with is things like equipment and therefore the technical side of it. But it are often done very quickly and inexpensively can’t it.

So are you able to ask us a touch bit that . yes, you’ll do all the flamboyant equipment and therefore the refore the studio and the lights, but if somebody’s just starting out and just wants to urge a video out, what are some ways they will roll in the hay quickly and simply . 

well typically people have two pieces of kit that they will use immediately . If you’ve got a laptop you’ve got a camera on your laptop that you simply can use and that’s how most of the successful YouTubers, just like the guys who get a ‘bajillion’ subscribers and stuff on their channel doing the vlogging thing,

How they start work

Think you have already got that piece of kit there. you’ve got the recording software there on your laptop so you’ll work immediately thereupon . And even most desktops lately have cameras that are built into the monitors.

So that’s one route. then the opposite route is in your pocket. you’ll use your phone. If you’ve got a phone that you’ve bought within the last two years approximately , the camera thereon is quite ok to start out making videos with. Even for business. 

Especially the new Samsungs or the iPhones. The cameras on them are better than the video cameras we had a couple of years ago. Yeah, that you simply would have paid thousands for. You’ve got high definition. you only buy a touch extension for your camera that costs about Some money then you purchase a touch lavalier mic which is about another fifteen twenty quid.
So for about Some money you’ll actually easily found out your own little studio with just your phone. 

 And it are often that straightforward . You made some extent earlier and that i want to form an equivalent point. Which is that another thing people get hung up with is getting things ‘perfect’. and that i remember the primary few videos that I shot took me forever, and that i was trying to try to to it in one take and every one kinds of things. But here’s the thing. Take action, start , they’re going to recover rapidly. 

For example, you said your first few videos weren’t great, but you probably did them. Now, obviously you’ve got tons of videos under your belt, you’re far more polished than once you began . You’ve got 4.4 million views to point out for it,

(So that’s another top tip). Just start , just pull out the phone and perhaps you’ll get a really inexpensive tripod or something like that.

 Yeah, exactly. Just another Some money, get a touch extension for your phone. you’ll pick all these things abreast of Amazon or eBay very inexpensively.

That’s it, if you’ve got a sensible phone you’ll be up and running for about Rs.8000-10000. Amazon will have it next day for you.

 So I suppose another tip for you’d be if you’re doing a ‘to-camera’ video, have some good light and don’t be backlit or all people will see is your silhouette. 

  • if you’ve got the posh of a pleasant big window, film ahead of the window with the camera between you and therefore the window.
  • That’s an excellent light if you can’t afford lights.
  • My first videos, I did have lights but they were terrible, they were atrocious.
  • i feel I paid about fifty quid that had not much light beginning of them.
  • I had shadows everywhere the place, they were orange. Oh, they were just atrocious. 

But I still made the video and that they still brought me in business. So don’t be hung abreast of things being perfect, like today yes, I’ve got a shed load of lights. I’ve probably got the maximum amount light because the sun’s getting to send.
But, I’ve built that up over time. once I could afford a couple of more lights I bought them. and therefore the same with television equipment , with camera equipment that kind of stuff, and microphones.

 Do the simplest you’ll do with what you’ve got Good advice.. Your first video is usually getting to be your worst. The worst and therefore the hardest. Even from an emotional point of view, probably the toughest . But albeit it’s really bad you’ll always delete it and redo it.

But just get one video done, catch on abreast of your site or YouTube or wherever. Then, that one’s done and it’s an easy stepping stone to subsequent one and to subsequent one.. And does one find there’s a sweet spot in terms of length, or does that just

Depend On Too Many Variables.

 that’s the six million subscriber question. Yes and no. I always say that the video must be as long because it must be. Especially when you’re doing a tutorial video.

 If you’re doing five recommendations on showing people the way to found out their video, through Amazon or employing a piece of software you would possibly not catch on wiped out two minutes. it’d pause minutes, or it’d take fifteen minutes. 

 So if your video is eight minutes that’s fine. As long because the content is engaging on what they’re trying to find , they’re going to be very happy for it.

But the thing is with YouTube is that if you’ll keep it to around 2 minutes to 2 minutes 45 seconds . that’s the type of sweet spot that the analytics shows people are watching, but that doesn’t take under consideration that some people cut after ten seconds and tons of individuals are going all the thanks to eight minutes. 

My most successful video is eight minutes long, and that’s got 1.7 million views. So it must be as long because it must be, but as long because the content gets them through those steps in order that you’re delivering on your promise that the title is offering then it won’t make a difference. 

OK, and is there any mileage or advantage in . let’s say you’ve got a fivestep sequence. breaking that up into five separate videos and creating a linked series of videos. Does that employment . 

 In some cases yes, in some cases no. If you’re making the video just to form five videos once you could do those five steps in two minutes, then no. But if it’s five steps that you simply have engaging content for five two-or three minute videos then yes. which will work. 

You just got to take care that you’re not unnecessarily creating those videos for the sake of making those videos, because people will get angry. yeah, that creates sense. But if you’ll roll in the hay during a way that creates sense you’ll legitimately roll in the hay . 

If there are valuable steps, like if they don’t got to have the remaining steps so as to feel progress then that’s fine. But if you’re doing

As an entrepreneur you would like to form some money from it so what are some best practices in terms of getting leads. Because once you began , you only mentioned the web site , and you were getting leads. There have gotten to be ways you’ll increase the amount of individuals coming through and therefore the conversion rate then on. 

The best way

The best way is to supply something for free of charge . Nothing amazing that , that’s just an easy online strategy, that you simply divulge something that’s relevant to the content that you’re delivering. And you would like to combine it up with getting people as subscribers and getting them to observe more videos, then just every so often offer your free report.

So if you attend together with your computer, those what they’re called . those annotation links will work to your external website

But if you . like 50% or 60% do nowadays . are watching YouTube videos on their iPad or their phone, those annotation links don’t work, then you would like to place those links in your description and tell people in your video to travel to the outline to urge the free report good.
But it’s still worth having for the five hundred who are watching on their laptop or PC.

absolutely,yes.i buy leads like that each day.i buy a few hundred leads coming through my free reports hebdomadally.Great.then you’re building an inventory there.You’re not just counting on YouTube, because if YouTube changed their rules in how that would cause problems, but you’re actually list building. And in fact the list that you’ve built, these are the foremost interested prospects also , aren’t they.

These are people that have actually taken action. What percentage of individuals does one find actually click through and take an action like that to truly find yourself on your list. Again, it might vary counting on your topic and your engagement. Because I’m working with.

How to do stuff on YouTube

How to do stuff on YouTube, I do get tons of younger people that watch my videos because they’re looking the way to found out their little vlog channel or stuff like that to undertake and obtain some AdSense revenue to undertake and provides them some pin money .

But I do have an outsized enough portion of individuals who are 18 plus or 25 plus on my channel who are subscribers so those are obviously the people I like better to target, but my content is appealing to different demographics. 

But it’s 5% of an outsized number so it’s important to say . for anyone who’s just starting out doing this . that the conversion percentages are typically pretty small as you’ll get despondent if you didn’t know that’s just how it’s.

most of the people aren’t getting to take that extra step especially in an environment just like the online environment, YouTube environment, people are clicking everywhere the place.

I get half 1,000,000 views per month so 5% of that’s a pleasant figure. so it’s ‘video Publish Position, Profit’. Let’s dig in to the positioning side of it a touch bit and it’s been what, a touch bit over 18 months since you began the channel in earnest, and the way have you ever found that it’s positioned you. I mean, obviously you’re seen because the YouTube expert. You’ve got this channel

with tens of thousands of subscribers. So tell us a touch bit about how that’s positioned you and the way that’s helped your business.


it is actually been phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal. Even up to January this year i used to be at Traffic and Conversion with Ryan Deiss. and that i wasn’t within the room at the time, but somebody told me that he was talking about YouTube and my video thumbnails came abreast of his slides.

So, my channel was being highlighted at Traffic and Conversion. Which for anybody who’s listening and doesn’t know, Traffic and Conversion may be a big Internet marketing event . it’s an annual event massive. 

 So, you know, you’ve got tons of opportunities come when you’re according to your video uploads, you’re according to your great content and stuff like that. People begin to approach you

So YouTube may be a very visual, visible thanks to become an expert during a very short space of your time . Yeah, and that i think it helps with YouTube, particularly, that they will see you. they will see you and that they can see what percentage subscribers you’ve got . And, once you get to . the primary thousand is perhaps the toughest then subsequent five thousand . but once you hit that ten thousand mark, that’s when things really really go crazy.

And does one think that’s partly to try to to with YouTube taking you more seriously.

Yes Once you hit that five thousands(5,000), or that ten thousands(10,000) YouTube are taking you more seriously and as you rightly said earlier on, people like numbers

That five topics number is simply one among those things that.

yes they need to be doing something right .

So it’s social proof.

Exactly.It’s like saying you’ve got ten thousand customers sort of thing.

So you get tons of notice because as you say it’s very visual, all of your videos and stuff are up there. 

So people can see you if you’re doing a speaker video and that’s an excellent way for you to attach together with your audience, or better for your audience to attach with you because you’re there, you’re being played a few of thousand-fold a month. You’re not having to try to to that very same work again and again, but people are connecting with you, they’re eager to determine about you.they’ll want to play your videos.

So you don’t need to be pushy, that’s the thing about YouTube is that pushing stuff on to people will have the other effect. If you’re there and lecture them, have a conversation almost like how we’re just talking now. If you’re having a conversation with them, that’s how people on YouTube are. they only want you to possess a conversation like their ally , sitting down over a coffee and just chatting.

That’s the simplest thanks to market yourself and position yourself on YouTube. then YouTube will allow you to have a link underneath within the description. If you set within the link YouTube will turn it into a live, clickable URL. 

Would you recommend something sort of a bottom third. So for anyone who’s unsure what a bottom third is, it’s a touch graphic which will come on the video which could have for instance your web address. Would you recommend doing that. 

 I don’t think that’s actually necessary if your content is sweet . Just at the beginning or finish or something like that.

Yeah, well I’ll mention the finish bit during a moment. But if your content is sweet and if people are connecting with you thru great content, they’re going to always always want to seek out out more. Because people are looking to be lead.

 And if you’re the one that can lead them thereon particular direction, they’re going to follow. in order that they will actually find you. So that’s why just mentioning your website will work.

You don’t need to be pushy. then at the top of your video I always have what’s called an ‘end slate’, where you’re recommending other videos, you’re recommending that they subscribe. And if you would like them to, you’ll also recommend they are going to your website for more tips and methods and whatever it’s you offer on there.

 and clearly if you would like to ascertain an example of an end slate, there are many videos by David on his YouTube Channel. I always put links within the show notes so you’ll find them by getting to DavidWalsh, so I’ll put a link to David’s YouTube Channel in there.

Yes, that’s right. And you’ll see how I’ve done end slates that are just recommending other videos and therefore the subscribe link then the opposite end slates where I’m recommending subscribe and to travel to a free report. So you’ll see the 2 variations on there that are quite successful on behalf of me . 

 So definitely definitely make sure out because it’s really useful to ascertain what best practice is and what someone who’s highly successful at this is often actually doing. then you’ll model that, save trying to reinvent the wheel and perhaps not getting it right yourself. 

you’ve done this just putting out one video every week . So an enormous amount has begin of.

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