The Most Popular Small Business In Village 2020 ৷

Best small Business in Village. A large number of people in India are still inhabited in villages.

Starting a business in rural areas less capital and less investment. So let’s know in detail about these businesses

Villages have their own set of infrastructure, roads and networks which are much different from urban areas.

But this does not mean that there are no business opportunities in the villages. There are also many business opportunities in the countryside.

There are many agriculture related occupations which are suitable only in villages.

So today in this article we will tell you about some such high-profit business ideas that you can start from villages.

Best Small Business In Village.

Milk Centers. (Small Business In Village).

Buffalo and cows rearing are very common in villages. And there are many dairy farms which require huge amounts of milk.

They usually get milk from milk centers which collect milk from the villagers. To start a milking center, you have to contact the dairy farm and cooperate with them.

Apart from this you will need a proper place where you can put weight machines and machines to measure the quality of milk fat and other things.

(Small town Business).

Grow and sell organic vegetables.

You can start an organic farming business and sell it in the market where its demand is high.

To begin, you need to find a suitable vendor for your product so that you will have to struggle to sell your produce.

You can also get your product to market directly. However in the beginning, it would be better to go through a seller because you are new to the market and you will not know about the buyers.

Flour Mills. (Small Business In Village).

In cities people buy flour packets but in rural areas people go to flour mills because they grow wheat in their own fields.

So if you open a flour mill, it will be a very profitable business for you. For other things like corns, turmeric, chilli, coriander etc., use the mill also. Make sure you have a good power connection.

Oil Mills. (Small Business In Village).

Due to the shortage of oil mills, people in rural areas have to go to far off places for oil refining or are forced to sell produce at low cost.

If you have enough capital, you can easily make a carnival. As people grow soybeans, mustard, peanuts in their fields, they usually get oil extracted from mills for daily use.

small business in village(Small town Business).

Uses of Cow dung wood. (Small Business In Village).

New Business Ideas: Earn millions of profits by starting this new business in less investment, know the whole process of starting

So in this way, today we have brought a special and new business for you in this article which is very unique. We all know that cow-buffalo dung is mostly used for organic manure or to make bio gas.

Most people make a mouth by seeing cow dung.Those people do not know that this useless cow dung has become a means of employment for most people today.

Demand of wood made from this cow dung is increasing in the markets and its demand is going to increase in the markets of the country in the coming time, so let us know in detail about this business ..

People of our country use wood in large numbers for performing last rites. Due to which trees are cut.Which damages the environment and also produces more smoke.

For this reason, wood made of cow dung is very beneficial to make the environment friendly.

This wood will be used for Havan, Yagya-Puja recitation, Sanskar etc. and with this, the means of employment will also be open for the youth.

Along with this, you can earn a good income making other products from cow dung, such as idols, backpacks and medicine, etc.

How will wood be made from cow dung?

To make this wood you have to get a machine.Then you need to put Cow Dung, hay and grass in it. With which this cow dung made wood will be prepared.The natural wood will be sold at Rs 600 per quintal from the center.

Cow dung wood machine Price.

The price of this machine is about 70,000 to 1,00,000 lakh. Depending on your business, you can buy a big or small machine.

With this machine, you can prepare a kilo of wood in less than 20 seconds.(Small town Business).

With the help of this new technology, pollution will also be controlled and dirt will not spread.

Where to buy machinery (Small Business In Village).

You can also order with the help of its machinery online website.

Required license for cow dung wood.

To start a business of making cow dung, you need many types of licenses.

Trade License: To start any business, you have to get permission from the government, only then you get a trade license.(Small town Business).

MSME Registration: When you register your company with MSMEs, you can easily take out a loan to buy machines used in the company.

That’s why MSME registration must be done for business.

Pollution Control Board NOC: If you are using some kind of machinery to make cow dung wood then you have to get NOC from Pollution Control Board, which is a No Obligation Certificate (No Obligation). Certificate).

Where can you sell cow dung wood?.

You can sell this tree in ice places or at religious places.

You can take orders and sell them in homes or for making bricks’ kiln, if demanded by people.You can do this through online marketing.

(Small Business In Village)

Earn money social media.

First of all, let me tell you about these works in a little detail as if their introduction will describe them in detail later. For example, whose job is this, whose registration is from And who has a chance to earn more money

Blogger There is a website using which you can create your own website, that too for free.
WordPress – A website that you can create a website using, but it is not free here, there are some charges that you can make a website only after completing it.

Earn money by playing games – yes friends, in India today, millions of people are earning money just by playing games, you too have not missed this opportunity and have to complete the post and know how you can also earn money by playing games.

YoutubeYoutube is the second largest search engine in the world. Almost these people keep searching according to their question, you can earn money just like millions of people by making good videos of this 5 to 7 minutes.

(Small Business In Village).

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